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Passion at Work

As I struggle to learn this blogging thing and to think of something that you guys might somehow enjoy reading I do a lot of reading and listening of my own. I read other blogger advise on how to make this a success and I list to other people on how to make a small business be a better business. That is where I was today. Today while at work (yes on New Years day, the office was empty and nothing could pull me a way from anything, how blissful), I was listening to a guy named Simon that was giving a group of people some advise on how to become better leaders and how to sell product a better way. One of the things that struck a cord with me is that he stated that as a seller we had to sell what we believed in. Not just what we had and why you should by it but why do I make what I make and why I believe in it. When thinking about this question it came to me that all my passions have a big part in what I do and why I chose to put it into a bar of soap.

As most of you know I have many roles in my life and each plays a big part into who I am and why I do what I do. I am a Wife and a Mom first and foremost. I believe in providing my family with the best that I can provide them. Whether that calls for me going to work and earn some money to help put a roof over their heads and shoes on their feet or if that is taking some time out of my day to make something that makes their lives easier or just

something to say I love them, that is how I roll. We are a unit and we make "this" work whatever our definition of a this is. I am passionate about taking time for them and making sure they know how blessed I am to have them in my life and to call them family.

Next, I am a Nurse and to boil it down further, a Home health/Hospice nurse. I am resolved to that point for I am passionate about allowing people to go home to heal or to stay home and say goodbye their way. I may work in an office setting and don't actually get to go see people in their homes anymore (I did for 12 years and enjoyed every moment of it) but I get to be in the forefront of action working at making my patients wishes and dignity be respected and honored. Who better suited to look at a situation maybe before it gets out of control and say Home health will assist with the recovery time of the heartache you just had or can we open the door to hospice care before end of life becomes something you never saw coming. I am honored to do this for my patients and I think they are grateful for the openness and honesty that I have regarding something that is so personal to them and affects them each and every minute, their lives.

Also I am a country girl at heart and my life rotates around the belief of we need to be the first to feed America and to take care of the land that the good Lord has given us. With every new born calf born, with every zucchini sprout, and with every alfalfa seed planted we have a duty to uphold. We need to take care of the land and the animals that are entrusted into our care. We need to help teach people where our food comes from, the blood, sweat and tears that goes into, and the sacrifices that are made. Agriculture is the foundation of civilization and commands our respect. Without it there would be bigger concerns then who was nasty to who on Facebook, what team is better or if "there is an app for that".

With all of that wrapped into one person there has to be an outlet. Something that will uphold all of these passions and put them out to where people can hold them and use them. Hence the soap. It allows me to work with my hands, it allows me to make something for my family that they can use, it helps me express the beauty that life holds and to honor the sacrifices that we have to make. In soaping, nothing has to go to waste, It honors the lives of the animals that helped me make the soap, it provides family time and bonding and allows me to express the passion that I have for life. Nothing can be better suited for these passions and beliefs. So when you use a bar of CHB soap know that you are investing in life, love and tradition. You're part of the simple life and the basic understanding that we are taking care of each other. We are humans with passions that can ignite the inner good within ourselves.

Thank you for reading till the end. Hope you didn't suffer to much. I hope that gave you an insight to why I make soap and a little of how I got into it. I hope to crack out a post about every month and as the spirit moves me. Have a happy January and I hope you get to see a few of those new resolutions hold through the month. God Bless. ~Mel

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