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Learning Curve

Have you ever gotten yourself into something and think "oh hell, what did I just get myself into." That has been my way of learning most of my life. I learn through doing. No matter how much I may read, study, or watch my learning ability comes from getting my hands dirty and doing.

My first remembered experience with this was baking cookies. Sure I had watched my mom bake cookies hundreds of time along with my grandmothers and aunts. But to truly learn for me was to do it myself. It was so intimidating at the time. I think back and laugh about what I learned and how I learned it. I learned that breaking eggs wasn't a easy as mom made it look (and fishing out the shell is a pain in the butt), I learned why you don't turn the mixer on high to mix the dry ingredients (as the corner of the kitchen became white and I thought oh Lord the clean up that it is going to take to keep me out of trouble with my mom) and I learned why you use a timer to help get the timing right (I am positive that Dad ingested a few cookies that where inedible to try not to discourage me).

My little soaping business is the same way. I am learning by doing. I learned to make soap thanks to the internet, my drive of if they can do it so can I, and at least 2 boxes worth of soap that I didn't even what my family using. I have learned what a lye burn feels like, I have learned how to keep a fair amount of soap ash at bay, and I have learned what I can do to help represent the people that I love, trust and admire through something as simple as soap.

So upon visiting me on my newly designed, functional website please keep in mind that I am continuing through a learning curve. I will do my very best to keep the hiccups at a minimum and make your experience of shopping with Calloused Hands Bounty the very best. Thank you for choosing to travel this learning curve with me and I truly appreciate you! You have no idea. I now challenge you to go out and have a learning curve of your own and get your hands "dirty".

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