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My name is Mel Gallup and I want to share with you my love of handcrafted soaps and things that I call "accessories". I wanted to help people that were not afraid of getting dirty. I started making soap in 2014. I fell in love with the soap and the fact that I could find 2 of the main ingredients right here in  Idaho. I grew up on a farm and  continue today to rely on the farming/ranching community to make a living. My company is built around honoring the farmers, the ranchers and the home gardeners that I know. They have supported this country for as far back as 4 generations.


The common denominator between the farmer/rancher and the backyard gardener is calloused hands but their reward is the bounty. I hope that I can provide some insight on what the land can provide and open some new perspective on what it means to be handmade. 


handcrafted soap


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